Day 2: Sesame Tofu and Greens

For today's challenge, I decided to tackle the frozen greens in my freezer. So far this week I have pretty much been winging it as far as menu planning is concerned. Knowing that I wanted to use up stuff in the freezer, I did a very minimal grocery shopping trip this week, getting only a … Continue reading Day 2: Sesame Tofu and Greens


Freezer Challenge: Day 1

Today we spent a good part of the morning outside. By the time we came in, we were ready for a cold, refreshing beverage. To kick off my challenge, I decided to make some strawberry lemonade. I pulled 2 bags of strawberries out of the freezer and set them in some hot water to thaw. … Continue reading Freezer Challenge: Day 1

30 Day Freezer Challenge

My name is Mary and I am a food hoarder. Seriously. I have problems. Every summer I stock my freezer with fruits and veggies and fill my pantry with canned goods. I love fresh produce and I take full advantage, picking all I can and in turn, storing all I can. This is a good … Continue reading 30 Day Freezer Challenge