Christmas Spirit

Nothing screams Christmas like bare trees, mud, and dead, brown grass.

Seriously though. Is it just me or is it hard to imagine that Christmas is almost here when there is no snow on the ground? I live in Maine for goodness sake!

REFLECTIONS As I was cleaning my house today and thinking about how I should start decorating for Christmas, I was thinking about why I’m not really feeling in the “Christmas Spirit”. I want to FEEL like Christmas is coming because I KNOW that it is. At school, we have a countdown ’til Christmas on the board. Every day the number gets smaller, and every day I wonder: when will it feel like Christmas?


(Reasons I believe that I am lacking Christmas Spirit)

#1. I have been irritated that Christmas has taken over Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving. I have considered it a favorite holiday since I was a child.You can’t go shopping in November (almost October!) without seeing and hearing Christmas everywhere.

#2. (Closely related to point number one…) I can’t help but think that Christmas has lost its meaning and has just become a major push for consumerism. The attitude of the masses seems to be “I want, I want, I want…Give me, give me, give me!” Giving and receiving gifts can be a joy and a blessing, but I believe it can also be a curse. How much more STUFF do we need?!

#3. No snow. Seems like a small thing, but it’s real!

REFOCUS I don’t want to come across as being a scrooge, because I am not. I love Christmas, I really do! I love the decorations and the cookies, the family get-togethers, and the traditions. As I was looking through a box of Christmas goodies, I found my favorite, most treasured decoration.


I bought this little, hand-sculpted nativity when I was on a mission trip in Guatemala. It is so simple and so perfect.THIS is what Christmas is about. It shouldn’t matter that there is no snow on the ground or that the rest of the world has changed Christmas to take the focus off of Jesus. I can choose to celebrate Jesus’ birth, the most extraordinary gift, in a way that honors Him. I can be grateful for the Gift, even when I don’t FEEL like I have much in the way of Christmas spirit. I should not base my preparations or my celebrations on the way I feel, rather I should base my actions on how I know I can use this special time of year to help others turn their attention to Jesus and the sacrifice He made. And maybe, just maybe, as I do that, I will find the feelings of Christmas growing inside myself. So here is to finding, and spreading, some Christmas spirit.



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