OUR OWN HOME My husband and I recently bought our own home. OK, so I guess technically the bank owns it, but that is another topic all together! It is still an exciting step. We have been working on various projects in our “spare time”. Our most recent project was painting the kitchen.

I LOVE COLORS I have never liked white walls… so sterile and boring. Sorry if you are partial to white! I know that white(s) can be very pretty and elegant, it’s just not my style. That being said, I do find myself trying to play it safe, but not too safe. I decided to make a bold choice and go for a bright color. The kitchen was already a nice, light green, but I wanted something different and something that would match my other color choices better.

TEAL: I chose a very beautiful, very bright, color for the kitchen/dining room that I felt would compliment the very light, creamy yellow in the rest of my open concept living space. (Now I sound like I know all about DIY and real estate…like the people on HGTV!) Okay, so I am a novice, but I do enjoy it!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: When I put the first bit of paint on, I worried that I had made a mistake. I continued to stay positive and kept painting, realizing that the worst that could happen would be having to paint over it. It is finished now and I LOVE IT!!

ACCENTS: Now that it is painted, I needed to buy some fabric for curtains! I went shopping yesterday and found the lovely fabric pictured above. I will be using the cream colored one for curtains, using the teal as an accent and the brown with teal flowers will be for a tablecloth. Now I just have to sew them all! It may be awhile, but I’m excited to get started.

SPIRITUAL APPLICATION: As I was thinking about the idea of DIY, something that seems to be some sort of buzzword (a buzz-accronym?!) I realized that there is an object lesson to be learned. So many people are into all sorts of DIY projects, from refinishing dressers to remodeling the house. Everyone likes to be able to do things on their own. All too often, people have the same attitude about salvation. In Bible class this week we were talking about the importance of keeping God’s law, but recognizing that being “good” is not what saves us. Only through God’s grace can we have eternal life. We do good things and keep the law out of gratitude for the gift that has already been given to us. We need to learn to depend less on self and more on God.

I found a cute skit on YouTube that I thought gave a good picture of this good works vs. grace concept. Check it out!


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