Smiling at the Small Things

ONLY IN MAINE I was going to title this post, “Only in Maine”. After thinking about the snow that has been dumped all across the Northeast during the last couple of weeks, I decided that this title may not be completely accurate.

We love snow here in Maine, at least some of us do, but there comes a point when everyone is looking forward to Spring! What I saw today when I took a trip to the bank made me realize how much I like the snow and appreciate living here in Maine. (Even when I am freezing cold and daydreaming of tulips and crocuses…)


WHY USE A CAR WHEN YOU CAN RIDE A SNOWMOBILE? When I walked out of the bank and saw that someone had chosen alternative transportation to get to the bank this morning, it made me smile. As I looked closer, I smiled even more, chuckling a little to myself. Can you identify the license plate? Let me help you out.


HOW FUNNY! What a funny thing, to have a snowmobile registered in Hawaii! Sometimes it’s the little things in life that put a smile on my face. What have you smiled at lately?


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