Word Scramble


TOOLS FOR MEMORIZATION I love finding new ways to make memorization easier. Some of the ways I have found to work really well aren’t so revolutionary, but they are simple, and they work!

WORD SCRAMBLE I give my students a verse to memorize each week. Sometimes they are long, sometimes short. For our last text, we did a word scramble for our memorization game.

  1. Type up the verse using a large font.
  2. Print it off.
  3. Cut out each word.
  4. Put the words in an envelope.
  5. Ready, Set, Go! Have the students race to put the words in the correct order.
  6. Everyone wins! Once the words are in order, glue them onto a colored piece of paper and hang it up as an attractive reminder.

This is only one of the games we have tried in our class. Do you have any games that you have played to memorize scripture?



2 thoughts on “Word Scramble

  1. I have printed and cut up a verse, then arrange them in proper order. Everyone reads the verse aloud and then remove 1 or 2 words. Everyone reads the verse aloud again. Remove a few more words and repeat. Soon you have no words on the board and all the worde in the minds of the students!


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