Two Right Feet


EVER FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TWO RIGHT FEET? Being a rather clumsy person, I get this feeling a lot! I am the brunt of many jokes in my family and I am often reminded how prone I am to run into walls, fall down stairs, etc.

This weekend, I participated in a training event for youth leaders. One of the topics discussed was how to teach young people how to pack appropriately for a trip. The presenter told a story about an unfortunate packing experience of a youth leader. He had packed his bags for a weekend trip. One of the things required was a pair of black dress shoes. Upon arriving, he realized that he had two black shoes, but they were both for the same foot! I’m sure he realized that weekend just how hard it was to have two right feet!

GETTING OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT We’ve all heard the saying “off on the right foot”, something that could be compared with getting up “on the wrong side of the bed.” I’ve been thinking about what helps me get off on the right foot in the morning, and I came up with a short list. If I make time for these things in the morning, my day will go so much smoother, and if I don’t, I will spend the day feeling like I’m trying to walk around with two right feet! Here is my list:

  1.  Make preparations the day before. My morning goes smoother if I do some things before I go to bed the night before. If I have my school bag packed and ready to go, take care of any dishes in the sink, and pack a lunch if I need to, I will save myself a lot of time.
  2. Take a shower. This just helps me wake up!
  3. Eat breakfast. I can’t imagine how people “forget” to eat in the morning. I need to fuel my body with some nutritious food to help me get through the first part of the day.
  4. Spend time with God. Making time for God in the morning helps give me purpose and encouragement for the day ahead.  Some people have their devotions right when they crawl out of bed (or even before!). Personally, I prefer to spend time with God after I have showered and ate. This helps me to be able to focus on what I am reading and praying about.
  5. Brush my teeth. Because not to is just gross!

What do you do to get yourself off on the right foot every morning?


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