No Regrets


Often bloggers secretly wish that their blogs would be read by some specific individual, perhaps someone famous or a family member that just doesn’t seem to understand. If I could choose one person to read my blog, who would it be? As I was pondering this question I thought that while it would be exciting for influential people, whom I admire, to read what I have to say, perhaps instead, I would choose to write to the younger me.

In a quest to better understand the high school students in my classes, I have recently been thinking about what I was like when I was in high school? How was I different? What did I enjoy? What were my fears and my dreams? What was going on in my head as I listened to teachers talking? Digging up these memories has made me think about things I wish I had done differently.

No! Don't Take My Picture! (Why do we think that we will be less embarrassed looking back at photos like this one than by ones that we are actually smiling for?) Silly Kids..

No! Don’t Take My Picture!
(Why do we think that we will be less embarrassed looking back at photos like this one than by ones that we are actually smiling for?) Silly Kids..


Dear Me,

You are about to start something big, high school! You have been looking forward to this day and it is finally here. I know you are nervous about going somewhere where you don’t know anybody yet, but it will be okay. The kids in your class are pretty awesome and they will be your friends for life if you let them into your world. Don’t be so shy! Get out there and make friends. School is important, and work is important, but don’t take it all so seriously that you forget to have fun, play some sports, and develop close friendships along the way. Pay attention in class, even when it seems boring. You just might learn something. Your teachers care about you so much, watch how they go out of their way to make sure you are a success! Do something to show them that they are appreciated. and don’t take them for granted. Answer questions. It is okay to raise your hand and to speak up. You’ll get much more out of class and out of life if you actively participate. Even more importantly, ask questions. When you don’t get it, speak up. Chances are most of the others don’t get it either. No use being embarrassed. Don’t worry, you are going to do great!



REGRETS? Looking back at high school I know that there are things that I would want to do differently if I were to go back and do it again. That said, do I have any regrets? I can’t say that I do. Sometimes I wish I had taken the time to get to know my classmates better in high school and college and that I had played a little more, but all of those experiences made me who I am today. I had some really good friends, was grateful for my teachers (although I could have shown it more) and I really loved school most of the time. (Ya, I was that kid…)

I am still like that girl in high school in many ways. I have to remind myself not to be shy, to speak up, and to take a break once in awhile. I would not change the path that I have taken. I like to look back and see how God has guided me through my past and is going to lead me through my future.

“No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.”
Philippians 3:13

So if I could have anyone read my blog, who would it be? I don’t know!


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