Chocolate Chip Prayers


ON PRAYING: Today in Bible class we were learning about prayers. We discussed some prayers that we have prayed that were really important to us and shared how we have seen God answering them. We agreed that God answers some prayers quickly, some over time, and for some, we are still waiting on an answer. Sometimes God answers “yes” and gives us what we asked for. Sometimes God says “no” and gives us something EVEN BETTER! We don’t always understand why God answers the way that he does, but it is always for our good.

HAVE YOU EVER PRAYED FOR A CHOCOLATE CHIP? To illustrate some important points about prayer I did an object lesson with the students. I told them to imagine something that they have prayed for or would like to pray for. I then gave each student a folded up piece of paper. I told them that the paper represented the answer they received in response to the prayer request they had thought of. Each student unfolded his/her paper one at a time, reading the answer aloud. For each “yes” I gave the student a single chocolate chip. This represented that they received what they asked for. As each student read his/her “yes” aloud, excitement grew. I have learned that for teenagers, there is something exciting about delicious food, even in very small quantities. After each student before him had read “yes”, the last student opened his piece of paper, hopeful. You could hear the disappointment in his voice when he slowly read, “no”. There was some giggling and taunting from the other students. I placed the full bag of chips on his desk. “These are for you.”

WHAT?! There was an uproar. I explained how sometimes God says no, but it is only because he has something better in mind for us. Sometimes we ask for little things when God wants to bless us with something huge!

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

1 John 5:14


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