My Cat Plays Fetch


MY CAT IS WEIRD! She is adorable and can be sweet, but she is so unusual. We took Cleo into our home when a friend found her abandoned and left in a pitiful state. She was a scrawny kitten, starving for both food and attention. Not owning a cat since I was 5, I didn’t have much to compare her to, but based on what I did know about cats, some of her behaviors seemed strange.

The thing is, she acted a bit more like a dog than a cat. We discovered that not only does she like to follow us around, she also loves to play fetch. Her toy of choice: hair ties. I toss the hair tie, she runs, picks it up and BRINGS IT BACK to me! She will do this over and over again, occasionally becoming distracted and playing with the hair tie a bit before bringing it back. Slowly but surely my hair ties started to disappear. I opened a new package. They continued to disappear. She would steal them off my nightstand and the dresser. She would take them from the counter by the sink in the bathroom or from any other place I left one hanging around. She likes to play fetch with them, but she also just likes to play with them on her own.

This week, we have been doing some remodeling in our little home and putting down wood floors. We had to move some kitchen cabinets and what did we find? A large stash of Cleo’s toys! (Pictured above)

MY CAT IS LOVED! She’s weird. So what. Sometimes her antics (stealing hair ties is only one of them…) are frustrating and just plain irritating, but still I like having that crazy fur ball around. Many days, she’s waiting by the door when I get home from work. She’ll curl up on my lap while I am grading papers. I don’t like her even though she is weird, I like her because she is weird. Even though I don’t consider myself a cat person, this one has managed to find her way into my heart.

GOD LOVES US FOR WHO WE ARE! I am always looking for object lessons, and this is one I found today. We are all weird. Each one of us is unique, different from others. We have our own odd habits and irritating antics. We don’t learn lessons easily. (Like “If I shove a hair tie under the cabinets, I will never be able to play with it again…) God has found us in a similarly pitiful state, sinners in need of saving. He did much more than just offer us a home, he gave His own life so that we could have a new life, and a new home, with Him. God sees us for who we are and, amazingly, loves us just the same.


One thought on “My Cat Plays Fetch

  1. That’s funny since I can totally relate 🙂 About four years ago, I came home from school to a new family member who had also been abandoned and in poor condition. Adopting animals brings joy since you’re giving them a loving home and knowing that you helped another being in the world! Looking forward to reading some more of your posts


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