Collecting Dust


I unpacked an old friend today. I received this guitar as a gift when I was in college. I taught myself some chords and played any chance I got. I remember spending sunny weekend afternoons playing outside on the lawn sometimes alone, sometimes with a group of friends. Although I am not a fantastic player or singer, singing along as I strum some of my favorite worship tunes makes me happy. I get lost in the music I am playing and find that I can truly meditate on the words of the song. I wasn’t able to play for long today, as my fingers quickly reminded me that it has been too long, but one of the songs I played was “Create in Me a Clean Heart” which comes straight out of Psalms. The words are powerful.

“Create in me a clean heart Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence Oh God. Take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore onto me the JOY of thy salvation, and renew a right spirit within me.”

Knowing that making music brings me joy and brings me closer to God, why have I gone for so long without playing? The easy answer is that as my life has gotten busier, I have found less time to do the things I once loved doing. Have I played since college? Oh yes, but not as much as I once did. Brushing off my guitar case made me think, “what other things in my life do I have that are collecting dust?”

I started to make a list, but soon became discouraged. There are too many important things that just don’t make it onto the “priorities” list for the day. As the new year starts, I find myself grateful that God doesn’t forget about me. I DO make his priority list. My desire is to have clean heart, a right spirit, and to dust off some of those things that I’ve kept sitting on the shelf. What do you have in your life that needs some dusting off?


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